New year 2022 Fameous Quotes by Priyanka Chopra and motivational quotes

Motivational Quotes and Motivational lines 2022

1. Quote

Credit:- Priyanka Chopra

Be the best version of yourself

because the more different you are,

the more special you are,

you know everyone has a different body type,

and you have to find what's best about your body type.

Like I said, you know being the best version of yourself.

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2. Motivational Quote:- 

"Take Action"

Have you ever wondered, why some people say I can't do it. even before trying it's not that they actually can't do it. it's more likely that they lack self belief for many people self belief & self confidence is a very fickle thing which is easily influenced by external factors mostly it is affected by what other people say about us & the things that we do and don't do , but do you know ? which one of these is a stronger factor that influences your self belief, " It's your actions" For example if you jog for 30 minutes without stopping inspite of other people telling you that you can't do it. It won't change the fact that you already jogged for 30 minutes without stopping. "YOUR ACTIONS" superseeds what other people say to you, so in order to build your self belief  "Take Actions " regardless of what other people say to you, your actions can prove them wrong.

Turn your I can't do it to, I can do it. 


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"Concentrate quote"

Do you often find it difficult to concentrate😣?

To keep your brain🧠 focussed, try these following things:

Train your brain by playing games that will help you focus. 

Like Sudoku, chess♟️,and jigsaw puzzles

Improve your sleep quality: Lack of sleep might make it difficult for you to concentrate.

Make time for exercise🏋: Studies show that a year of regular aerobic exercise🤸‍♂️ can help to reverse or prevent memory loss.

Have some Indoor plants 🌱at your home and workplace: 

Plants can help you focus and be more productive, as well as enhance the quality of the air you breathe.

4. Quote

What if I told you... Climate change is expected to wipe out half of the world's species by 2100.

So you might think what can you possibly do about it? Individually, we all can make a difference by living sustainably. Now, you might be wondering what that is. Sustainable living is a practical concept aimed at reducing personal and societal environmental impact by implementing positive adjustments that mitigate climate change and other negative environmental concerns. Simply put, sustainable living is a strategy for lowering one's "carbon footprint."

Climate change is not a spectator sport, so I invite you to be a bold participant! Here are some quick things you can accomplish today:

✅ VOTE FOR POLITICAL PARTICIPANTS WHO SUPPORT ACTIVE CLIMATE CHANGE POLICIES. It's time to start learning about your local candidates.

✅ CHANGE ENERGY PROVIDERS TO ONE THAT IS CO2 NEUTRAL OR POSITIVE. Consumers already have that option with most energy providers. Make the change.

✅ DON'T WAIT! ACT NOW! One of my favourite mottos is to strive for effort rather than perfection. Begin where you are and take action. Small modifications, in my opinion, can make a tremendous effect in the long run.

What are your thoughts on this? It's coming to the point where we can't ignore it any longer.

5. Quote

"Pomodoro Technique Quote"

Here's the time mangement technique for everyone who struggles to finish task in time it is called Pomodoro Technique, It was developed back in the 1980s. Now here are 4 simple steps to this techniques:-
Step1:- Decide on the task that you want to finish.
Step2:- Set a timer for 25 minutes.
Step3:- Start working on your task without any distraction till the time buzzes. 
Step4:- Once the timer buzzes stop doing your task & take a short break of 5 minute. 

Now 1 complete cycle of these 4 steps = 1 POMODORO

Repeat the pomodoro cycles until you finish all your task and once you finish 4 pomodoro ccycles, Take a longer break of 15-20 minutes, if you practice this technique you'll notice that you'll be able to accomplish things faster then you even imagined. THINK ABOUT IT. 

6. Quote

10 Rules for a happy Marriage

  1. Never both be angry at the same time.
  2. Respect and honor one another.
  3. Avoid the words "Never" and "Always".
  4. Make time for the two of you.
  5. Be grateful for each other.
  6. Apologize when you are wrong.
  7. Believe in each other.
  8. Never yell at each other unless the house is on fire.
  9. Listen carefully.
  10. Take time to communicate with each other.

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