eee and ece difference in engineering course and best branch by

eee and ece difference in engineering

Where the distinction emerges is: EEE is Electrical Engineering and ECE is Electronics and Communications Engineering. EEE includes gadgets and electrical review while ECE includes investigation of hardware and a few pieces of interchanges.

The simple difference between EEE vs ECE

In center organizations, the request of EEE is more in contrast with ECE. While ECE understudies can apply for IT organizations too. EEE understudies don't have a lot of extension in IES while ECE understudies have. ECE can land govt positions with high likelihood than EEE.

One can't have the effect which one is better, you realize what is great dor you, where your advantage region lies, what you need to do-interchanges and gadgets or hardware and electrical.

are ee and eee are same for gate

A simple answer is not the same. Because we are already discussed this topic over here. 

Though EEE students can also easily give GATE papers from the ECE branch as they also have in-depth knowledge of the Electronics side as well. There are a few subjects common in GATE EE and GATE ECE courses.

Common Subjects:
Network Analysis
Signals and Systems
Control Systems
Analog Electronics
Digital Electronics
Engineering Maths

EE Specific Subjects
Electrical Machines
Power Systems
Power Electronics

ECE Specific Subjects
Communication Systems
Electronic Devices

But in the case of GATE ECE the common subjects have a wider course as compared to GATE EE like in Signals and Systems the added topics are Discrete Fourier Series, Discrete-Time Fourier Transform, Discrete Fourier Transform, Fast Fourier Transform, and Digital Filters.
Similarly, in Analog Electronics MOSFET is added as well as weightage of BJT and other topics is increased as compared to EE.

Also, in EE the EMT course is only restricted to Vector Calculus, Electrostatics, and Magneto-statics but in ECE entire EMT syllabus up to Antenna is covered.

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Correlation between Engineering branches: ECE and EEE

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