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SMM Social Media Marketing power words by Shivay Madan

In this article my friend Shivay Madan shared his experience about social media marketer. He has been an Instagram marketer as well as a Facebook advertisement expert and he's been working with multiple companies around the world. And in this article he'll be talking about his own Journey. How is he able to make a full time Income doing something like this.

Hey Shivay, welcome to this article and please introduce yourself to the audience. That is reading this article right now. 

Shivay Madan freelancer how social media marketing is growing at fiverr and upwork

So, yeah. Ishan.

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Social Media Marketing is best for your own internship

Thanks for having me Starting with me. I am Shivya. I live in New Delhi. and I am a second year Undergrad at Delhi Technological University, pursuing electrical engineering and alongside I am a marketing freelancer as well. I help brands with social media marketing needs, Email marketing needs and also with the copywriting services, I have been into this for an year now. and I've been mostly freelancing on platforms like up work and Fiverr. So That's all about it. Hmm. 

Ishan:- How many clients have we had so far? 

Shivay:- Approximately and 120. Since fiverr gives you a lot of orders. So, I've worked with approximately 120 clients Approximately. So, my next question would be like, 

Ishan:- how did you get started? What was that starting point for you? Like, why did you think that you should do freelancing Should do freelancing and not an internship? what was that first client? Like what platform did you choose? How did you learn SMM? 

Shivay:- So, it all started back then in March 2020 when I started with an internship in an Tech StartUp. So I started there as a social media marketing, intern and I was a channel owner for Instagram, Quora, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. So that gave me an exposure of across every platform. And then there, I made design creators for the brand and approximately, those marketing ideas went viral on some marketing Pages as well. So, I thought that this is something interesting and this is something I can actually do. So, I started approaching people on Facebook groups that I can help you with the social media marketing needs since it was pandemic and I was free. So, I was exploring all the ways possible sidewise,

I set up my UpWork Profile as well. I set up my Fiverr profile as well. So everything into this, I close to clients on Facebook within a month. So at that time in May approximately, I had three months and side-by-side, I got my first order on Fiverr itself for a Dubai Entrepreneur. It was a personal branding project for his businesses and his personal Brand as well. So, I was basically working in that and then after that by June and July, I was doing some good works. I got five to six reviews on my profile and then Fiverr boosted my Gig and from that it went on and on getting more orders, more clients. So that's how the stuff happened. Through my journey is quite similar to you. I started in lockdown itself. So like, is used like email, a bunch of people using AngelList startups that are getting funded and they want people to handle their social media. That's how I got my first internship at TWU flowers. And after that, I just started, like, working in this Niche more and more to the viewers that don't know about, SMM ( Social Media Marketer) , what is SMM exactly. And how can people learn, SMM, 

Ishan:- Do we have to take any course?

Shivay:- Paid course or you can learn from experimentation as much as possible. 

Ishan:- What are the parts of SMM exactly and all that. 

Shivay:- So yeah, I started as an intern, so I got an opportunity to experiment everything. So I got to know about Instagram marketing and YouTube marketing through that only. But if you're starting out, you can obviously refer to some courses and all I didn't personally refer to any courses, but because I believe in Practical learning learning on the go that you practice. You make mistakes, you fail fast and learn. So that's how I went about it. I practice a lot experimented a lot in my internship and then even in My first two projects, I experimented and analyzed what's working, what's not working? And then I got an idea and there are obviously a lot of content creators who are in expert in this space. So I used to consume their content on Instagram YouTube and that's how I learnt on the go. There's no specific course, I would recommend, but any course on YouTube or even udemy works for you, if you are planning to start in social media marketing, what goes in social media marketing is you actually help Brands to grow organically on them. There are two parts of it. Either you can be a media, buyer and run ads, or either you can do the organic work. So, I used to handle everything. content creation, Community Management and handling communities, Building communities. I used to handle all those parts for my clients. So I used to design creatives posted and then reach out to people from glands profile. So that's how the process went for me. 

Ishan:- Okay, so tell me like what sort of clients are you working on with right now? and like how can people start getting their first clients in this particular field because it's quite difficult? 

Shivay:- I would say at least in the social media field to get the first few clients because the field is just like filled with too much average quality people but it's like congested basically. Right, So how can people start getting their first clients and get the first attraction. So what my current clients are work with mostly are D To C and E-com Brands.

what are service-based businesses or our basically personal brands

at I'm helping with so I don't have a microniche specifically targeting but these are the niches of Clients and currently working in. And for people who just want to start, you can obviously start by setting up your Fiverr profile, and UpWork profile. But if you want to start with cold Outreach, here's an idea for you. Just go on Instagram and see what all startups brands are starting out analyze their Instagram and analyze there YouTube and see what's there missing, and right there and write them a DM, write them an email that see, this is all what you are doing. These are all the factors. You can actually improve on and I can help you with this. I have an expertise. I know about this. So let's work for a free together. Let's work for one week for free, and if you like it, then we can continue. So, I am seeing a lot of people doing this and it's actually working for them. So, this is a very great way of starting as a social media marketing person or social media marketing expert. 

Like we do the same thing, right? So we at MarkitUp and we want

to like, get some particular client. We do like a SWOT analysis of

their social media. So we Like a long ten, fifteen page PDF, including what is it that they are missing. What can we improve? What is our personal experience and all. And we make that PDF and we send it to the people that are working in that startup and that does help us get replies back because I just see that oaky the person has put efforts into it like this person is put in the effort to understand that, what can be improved here. So that is definitely rewarded. Amazing group, 

does personal brand help in this social media space because let's say, I can just say some brand that he, I have this YouTube channel, I can help you with YouTube. Do you think that people who don't have like a lot of like Instagram following, can they get started and, and we'll have an upper Edge if they have like brand of themselves on social media? Yeah. Personal brand is surely an asset to your own freelance business. I have been talking about this a lot recently as well. So I missed Personal brand while I was starting Everyone is doing Instagram, marketing and Instagram gurus, and just chasing clients and those who are in their target audience. But what I really feel if you're starting as a personal brand be authentic and document your journey, it's not about the numbers, it's just about documenting your journey. There are a lot of people who have just documented and then Seen a growth in their followers. 

So if you're starting as a freelancer, just document, if you have a client just document that this It was your first day, second day. This was the third day. What did you all do in that document your journey and apart from that show your expertise as well, what you bring to the table, you never know which client is actually being nurtured by seeing your content. 

So, personal brand is obviously an asset if you're not a freelancer even an entrepreneur. I recommend that you should do personal brand started out on Instagram, started out on Twitter LinkedIn. These are the places where your ideal clients hang out and you never know how you can crack a deal, or you can have how we can land the client. So, yeah personal branding is very necessary when you are starting out. 

Ishan:- Okay, bro tell me what is the earning potential as a social media manager, how much someone can earn per month in the beginning, as well as at a later stage, let's say five, six, seven, eight months down the line and maybe you can also share. What what has your experience been like in terms of how much a man can make? 

Shivay:- So while you're starting out as a social media, marketing expert or a consultant, it all varies, the kind of services you are providing as well. You can go on for consultations or anything else that comes into this scene. So I know people who are actually charging $400 $500 per hour. just for social media, marketing consultation for literally one hour, trust me with that. So if that's the expertise, you get after a year or so you can actually do that. But if you're starting from scratch, at least take six months as a buffer period of not expecting what you're earning, and after six months, ideally people Cross or lack or so, even if you're working with Indian clients are not foreign clients, you can cross a lack or so, with the social media marketing Services. I've personally done that as so I know that it's easily accessible it can be easily done and I've seen my friends who are into the similar fields or some people who have guided have also achieve the same results. So a six-figure in something like a month is possible after four to five months or six months, or freelancing into this field. 

If you take an internship, internship want pay you that well. because I have my own experience, I think it also depends on the client that you are working with like, let say we have a client. and not funded and just like trying to negotiate too much and just like say take an unpaid internship So that's just something that you should stay away from you. You can't make money out of

internships. If you actually need to scale, you need to work with the Western Branch brand and US. UK, since everyone out there requires social media marketing, everybody is moving into digital. So then you can even crack into $5,000 months, $10,000 months, that's not a big thing. Now, if as, as you're scaling, as an individual freelancer, but just talking about the Indian capacity. And all, if you are five to six months, you can easily cross the lakh or so into this field. That's that's the fact. $5,000 to $10,000 Wow! Okay, okay. All right. They are, they are doing it. They are working with us, brands. Just keep this thing in mind. Okay. All right. 

Ishan:- What would be your last tips for people who want to get started with social media marketing? 

Shivay:- Yeah, so people who are just starting experiment the hell out of it. Just keep experimented. No platform is for you. Try it on LinkedIn. Try it on twitter. start your personal Brand set up your profile on a work and fiver just don't hear two people that these platforms are not working. It might, it worked for me, it might work for you as well and it might not people have rough experiences. People have good experiences as well. Just set up your profile and be disciplined for at least two to three months. When you're entering this field, do good quality work Chase portfolio. Chase studies that you want to work for case studies and not for money. At least for ten clients, the aim for you would be to collect reviews and testimonials. and not for money and then you can easily follow up with that money thing. Because that flows, if you are good into this business because word-of-mouth, marketing and referrals worker, good work, very well in this social media, marketing domain, as well. And try to keep try to choose a niche as a retainer thing. Because social media marketing has helped me have retain retaining clients. So that's how it has tripled my income. If I would be into like logo designing or just something random something like that, I won't wouldn't be earning and have that. Financial Freedom, I am having right now, so choose a retainer Niche. If it's possible. If you are into video editing start with YouTube Vlog editing, if you're into graphic, designing social media post design, or anything else that you think a client would require every month or after a month or so. So yeah. Plan accordingly, choose scale and scale and sustain your businesses. That's how it goes. 

Thank you so much for sharing your experienced and I hope that you keep, you know, hustling and getting more clients.

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