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Setup Facebook Ads for Small Business step by step

After reading this article, you can be equipped with the skills and confidence method to generate more awareness and more walk-ins for your local business using Facebook ads. My name is Akash, and I'm here, to explain you for your local business so you can generate more awareness and more foot traffic using Facebook ads. Make sure you stick around to the end cause it's gonna be a bonus tip, regarding exclusion targeting for specific geographic areas that not many advertisers know about.

facebook ads run tutorial with example

Learn Facebook Ads Step by Step

So, for today's example, we're gonna be using a fictional restaurant called Paul's Restaurant. Paul's Restaurant is facing a hypothetical dilemma right now. They do weekend bookings : Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Monday even. But on Tuesday nights, they hardly get anyone in, it's pretty slow night of the week. We wanna target people in the local geographic radius around Paul's Restaurant, with some kind of value incentive offer to get people to come in at the slowest time of the week, on Tuesday nights. Now even though this is a fictional restaurant and a fictional ad that we're creating today, it's important to remember that these same principles will apply to whatever local business you're running. Let's go in.

I'm opened Facebook Ads Manager And what we wanna do is just go ahead and create a new campaign. So we hit that green create button there. 

We'll give it a name:- Paul's Restaurant a Tuesday Promo. 

is go down to campaign Objective: and click on store traffic. 

If you haven't set up your business as a local Facebook page, then you're not gonna have the option of being able to run a store traffic campaign objective. You're not gonna be able to run Get directions call to action ads, and it also means that you're gonna have bit more trouble getting the result in which you're trying to achieve. 

And then we wanna go and select Our Facebook Page.

I always recommend starting with a low daily budget. So we're gonna go ahead and just change this to $5. For the Ad set Name,

I like to make it related to the audience so let's go, " People within five miles." And then the Ad name is gonna be based on what the creative inside that Ad is We're gonna be using, Entrée Special Promo. So that's why, when you hop into your campaign, you can see.

run facebook ads for small businesses

" Okay cool, the campaign name is Tuesday Promo. The ad set name is Targeting People within five Miles. And the ad name specifically is Entree Special Promo. Okay, So we gonna go ahead and hit save to draft.

Now we're gonna go through to the Ad Set open that up. Click Edit. We wanna go through and choose our Store Page here and then we've a got a store set. 

are facebook ads effective for small businesses

It's very, very important that we have your local ads set up correctly from your business manager and from your Facebook page before you hop in and run these ads.

You are able to then choose , all of the store and their respective locations. So let's just choose this store, for example. And now what we wanna do, Is go down and finish building out our targeting. 

how to run a small business on facebook

Age:- 22 to 45
and we're basically targeting an area around the store set. Let's say that you don't already have a local store set, set up inside of Facebook. What you can do instead, is go down to Target a Geographical area instead, So this is now targeting Australia. I've gotten the actual physical location of the geographic area which I wanna target in western Australia. I'm gonna go through in here. Now, You'll see that it's put a radius around that address's store. Now you can Change this targeting from anywhere between one mile up to 50 miles. If ours run too wide over targeting five miles, it's gonna be very ineffective. So, I wanna make this as small as possible, Let's move that down to one mile. You can see that a potential reach is 27,000 people. 

how to run a small business on facebook

I wanna change this to Manual Placements, This is gonna be a time sensitive Offer, that we wanna run during our least profitable time. I wanna run this on Tuesdays and I wanna run it to people that are on their mobile phones in the geographical targeting, recently within that time frame. 

If I was to put say, someone's laptop as a placements or newsfeed on desktop as placement, probably not gonna be as effective as targeting people on their mobile devices. I'm gonna do down to all devices recommended. Unclick desktop. Now, it's only gonna show up Facebook News feed, Instagram Feed, Marketing and Stories. For the purpose of this tutorial I'm gonna be ignoring Stories as a placement. But if you'd like to learn the best tips, tricks, and how to use with regard to running Instagram ads stories.

Selecting Manual Placements:-

Now you can choose to run your ads to people living in or recently in the location, people who just live in the location, people recently in the location, or people traveling in the location. I'm gonna be choosing People that are recently in this location. So the last thing we need to do, is set up the budget and schedule for our campaigns. Now, Facebook is always constantly adding and removing features. In a perfect world, I'd be able to add a budget And schedule for this in this area of the Ad Set, And Only run it on Tuesdays. From say 11am through to 16pm. If you have ability to customize delivery, please do it. However, for the purpose of this examples, I'm gonna runt this for two weeks in that geographical location which will be a great test because it's gonna allow us to stay top of mind.( You always to be RELEVANT to your target audience). Okay, So now that that's done, 

And we can hop into the Ad level. Wanna gonna go through and edit the ad that we're setting up, we've got our Facebook page for Paul's Restaurants selected here. Then you also wanna select the relevant Instagram accounts. So we'll go through and select Paul's Restaurant. There's this new feature here we can customize the Ad voice. So you can customize it, whether it's coming from say your big page or whether your local it's your local page. So I'm gonna choose the main page as the Ad Voice and go through and set up our ad, which is super simple single image or video, then wanna go through and go add media. Add image, upload an image I prepared earlier. Now we have the beautiful image of this entree. Okay so here's some creative and copy I prepared earlier, " Enjoy any of our award winning entree for free when you dine with us between 6pm and 8pm on Tuesday nights." 

Last Step for Facebook Ads

Simply mention this Facebook post to your server to claim. Now one of the biggest challenges a lot of my local business clients face, is tracking real life conversions from a digital spend. Because there's no pixel in real life, it's really hard to work out which ad led to which conversion. So one way you can do it, Is just going super old school, super analog. And this call to action here, Simply mention this Facebook Post, to your server to claim. And then getting your actual service at the restaurant. in real life to note down, cool tonight we had 5 customer. mention the Facebook ad. The conversion rate for that would be five conversions as a result of the ad spend for that night. When you're got your Facebook local pages set up you can actually choose the Facebook Location Street address

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