Sardar Patel The best PM India Never Had Independence story

Independence struggle of sardar vallabhbhai patel

If someone wanted to go from Delhi to Jaipur or from Mumbai to Hyderabad and they had to take a visa to travel How would you feel ? What Nonsense ? All these are a part of India and India is one country Right..
sardar vallabhbhai patel role in freedom struggle

After India got its Independence it could have been split into many pieces, but one hero kept it all together. "Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel" We celebrate 31st October, National Unity Day!! But all of the work that he did, what difference does it make to all of us? And how would our country look without him? So in today's article let us understand How India became the country as we know it. If you get value from our article please share it with your friends.

sardar vallabhbhai patel role in freedom struggle

Sharing stories of India's real heroes with you is our mission, If you thought the India of 1947 looked somewhat like this, then you're mistaken.

Because This was the India of 1947. Indian 1947 was different! The British were leaving India But they didn't give us a united nation we had a nation of 562 princely states. I'm sure they were having a laugh, by thinking of how India would split again in a few years And all facts seemed to point towards this. From our clothes to our culture from our language to the Gods we pray to, we are all completely different from one another. These states were 45 % of total area. To bring all these princely states back to us, the country had to fight a diplomatic war. The fevicol that keeps things together hadn't yet been invented ( Fevicol started in 1959 ). In this situation the princely states had 3 different options :- 
  1. Accession with India, 
  2. Accession with Pak,
  3. Claim independence.
In spite of giving theses options to them, Sardar Patel used all means to bring them to India. But who is this man?

Who is Sardar Patel?

sardar patel
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Sardar Patel was a great leader and had the situation been just a little different, he would have been India's first PM. India's constitution was made in the year 1950, After this, an election commission was formed, but in 1946 it was becoming very clear That India would be an Independence state soon and Someone would have to lead the new nation, The leaders of the Indian National Congress Knew that whoever was the Congress President would lead India through this transition period. What happened after that would be decided by the country. 15 leaders from the Internal committee got ready to vote, 12 of them chose Sardar Patel as their leader, and 3 of the leader did not cast their votes. Jawaharlal Nehruji did not get a single vote, Nehruji was not ready to be second in charge, So Gandhiji penned a letter to Sardar Patel, he read the letter And took back his nomination for President.

What could that letter contain ?

Maybe it was a request, or maybe a very big responsibility. The responsibility to keep India united A responsibility for which Patel sir left his EGO, he left his Title, he left his position, Sardar Patel was ready to leave everything. Hoisting a flag does not mean a country is Independent to bring unity, it was important to unite 562 Princely State heads, to fulfil this huge mission Sardar Patel and his colleague VP Menon sir went about meeting every king across India.

Accession was done considering 3 points:-
  1. Security
  2. Foreign Affairs
  3. Communication

The princely states who chose to join India, would get security by the Indian Armed Forces.

All foreign affairs would be managed by India.

Whether it was post, roads, railways, transport communication, ALL of this would be looked after by India.

Just think how difficult this task would be?  The people who spent their lives living like royalty in just a few years, found themselves a part of the world's largest democracy, Their vote was just as valuable as any other citizen's vote, This impractical sounding idea had to be repeated 562 times by Patel when he met every king. That is how we got one united India. 

It was not at all an easy task, Some kings created a lot of problems. Gujrat's Junagadh had a majority Hindu population and the King was a Muslim, The King took a decision to join Pakistan, Similarly, Jodhpur was Rajutana's largest princely state. Hanwant singh Rathore on his part thought, he thought Pakistan is a new country we can demand extra favour from them And maintain our royal status for longer. He demanded permission to operate Karachi port. He said Pakistan would not get any tax on trades here, Jinnah agreed to these terms. Just think about it, is such a huge Jodhpur became a part of Pakistan, then slowly, princely states around it would be merged the whole of Rajasthan could have been a part of Pakistan But Sardar Patel did not let that happen.

Junagadh celebrates after being a part of India.

The people were asked what do you want? 99.2% voted for India. The Nawab of Junagadh escaped to Pakistan But Gujarat in its entirety became a part of India. The benefits that Hanwant Singh wanted with Karachi, Sardar Patel promised the same from Kutch Port. Sometimes through diplomacy or through the economy slowly slowly and steadily, The work of joining India continued. But sometimes, it became necessary to show force as well.

Nawab of Hyderabad was once one of the richest men

This is Hyderabad, At one time, the Nawab of Hyderabad was once one of the richest men in the world. Even before India got its Independence, He announced Hyderabad would be an Independence state. But geographically, this was not possible This could be a huge security threat for India, the trains that used to pass through Hyderabad were stopped and looted and passengers were killed.

Sardar Patel knew that.. An Independent Hyderabad as "an ulcer in the heart of India which needed to be removed surgically ."

Our Armed Forces carried out operation polo in Sept 1984, The Nizam's forces were defeated in a mere 5 days, This was our Sardar who worked with full determination. But the democracy that he fought for Conducted its first election and even before witnessing it, Sir Sardar Patel passed away in 1950. Whenever we go into the kitchen, We seen our mom who hasn't eaten herself working to prepare breakfast for us. If we go to our father's office and see the load of files which finance our college fees that's when we understand that the things we take for granted today reached us because someone worked very very hard for it.

We did not get freedom for Free. Till the time we don't understand this fact till then we won't understand the value of our country. We'll continue to take our freedom for granted, To make India, a grate person had to convince kings to live like an ordinary citizen so that every common man can proudly say that India is my country. 

I hope through this article we could share how much Sardar Patel matters with you, Sardar Patel is not with us today But the country is alive because of him and his work. 

Now it is our Duty!! To keep his story alive!

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