This Programming language must be learned for beginners 2021

Brief Intro of Basic Programming languages for beginner 

I get this question asked so many times in the comments section of the my post that's I'm posting, What should be the 1st Programming Language ? that you should be learning as a beginner if you just started learning to code what should be your first Programming language. I totally understand this you might be confused. When you go on Google when you search for Programming languages you just get a ton of them and it's totally, Okay if you are confused about it. 

In this article I talk about exactly what should you be doing about this? First of all the most important question I would ask you is what direction do you want to go into? 

which programming language should i learn first as a beginner

Mind set on Programming Language:- 

Do you want to go into making Websites? 
Do you want to go into making Applications ? 
Do you want to go into making Machine Learning models ? 
Do you want to go into solving problems ? 

Making Application which programming language should learn ?

And once you have a clear goal defined it's going to be a lot easier for you to find the programming language of your choice. So first of all there can be a situation where you just want to prepare for coding interviews you want to crack that placement you want to get into that dream company of yours that's totally understandable for that you need to focus on your DSA ( Data Structure Algorithm ) concepts for that you might have to focus on your problem solving skills on your logic building skills and for that there are 2 languages that people prefer using :-
  1. Java
  2. C++
and you can choose whichever one you want to a lot of people consider doing JAVA because with JAVA they can also do development so they can build projects as well as they can competitive programming they can do pretty much everything with the help of JAVA so that's what they end up choosing.

A lot of people also prefer using C++ as their first language that is totally understandable, C++ has largest community of people learning it and solving problems so you can do that as well if that's what you want to do. You can just flip a coin you choose whatever one you want to and then you can just proceed with that.

Making Websites which programming language should learn ? 

Afterwards we get into the second aspect let's say you want to learn about programming and you want to actually build projects lets say you want to learn web-Development right, so when you're getting into web-development the most important language you would be learning is JavaScript right. JavaScript is universal with the help of JavaScript you can do front-end as well as back-end with the help of Node.js on the front-end you can learn about basic Javascript concepts and then you can learn about various frameworks that are available you have React you have VUE you have Angular you can choose whichever one you want to go with. React is most popular one that's what I have personally learnt and then after that once you start learning react you can also switch over to learning about Node.js that's how you build servers and then you can learn about MySql database.

So now you have front-end you have the back-end also ensured so that's how you're able to build a Web-application with the help of JavaScript. This is the most popular route that people end up choosing into web-development and that's what you can take as well.

A lot of people also consider Php as a language that they want to learn which is totally understandable php currently powers more than 50% of the web that we are having right now, So you can choose what you want.

But I personally like to go with JavaScript, since it is just a lot more universal and you can just do a lot more things with the help of JavaScript.

Programming Languages for Android Development

Moving on you have android development now with android development I don't have a lot of experience but I do have a friend of mine he's a senior Facebook software engineer and we'll be talking about what language should you be learning if you want to get into android development so over to you Rahul.

Rahul's Profile:-

Youtube:- Rahul Pandey
LinkedIn:- Rahul Pandey , Android Lead at Facebook, Stanford Lecturer

Hey Everyone my name is Rahul I have been teaching android on and off  YouTube for a while now and I wanted to help you with the question about which programming language you should learn to build an android App.

So there are two paths here Native development and cross platform development.

Native Development:-

It means you're gonna be using the tools developed by Google and Android to build an app exclusively for the android system.

Cross Development:- 

Cross platform means you're going to use a different technology for example Flutter or react native to build an app for both android and iOS in my experience most of the companies that really care about a high quality user experience will typically go the native route so they're gonna have a separate team of engineers working on the Android app and separate team working on the iOS app.

So if you're going that route the Native route then the two options you have for Programming language are JAVA and Kotlin, Kotlin is a much more modern and recent language in the Android ecosystem and google is recommending that us the way to build android apps going forward, so unless you have a really deep background in JAVA. I would highly recommend you start with Kotlin if you want to build a Native android app.

On the Cross platform side the two options you have are react native or Flutter. React native you're gonna be using Javascript and with Flutter you're gonna be using a programming language called 'dart' and I don't have too much opinion in between these two but react native has been around longer and it's been production tested and it's been used in a bunch of different apps so my preference would probably be to start with React Native but it still is quite early days for cross-platform technology.

So to summaries if you have no option at all and you don't have any background I would recommend that you start with Kotlin to start your journey as a Android developer and I have found that most medium or large companies are going to prefer the Native  route because they really care about having a higher quality app experience compared to something what you would get on Flutter or React Native but if you really just care about having an app which is available both an android and  iOS then I then think the cross- platform route JavaScript with react native or dart with flutter both are great options to explore.

So that was Rahul, He has been doing android development for quite a long time, so I thought of sharing his word and I hope you find him insightful you can take a look at his social handles to learn more about what he is working on.

Making Machine Learning models:-

But moving on we have Machine Learning, So a lot of people are interested in Machine learning when they get into first year of college, I personally was interested as well and that's why I choose Python. Python is really easy to learn it's very much a simple language that you can just go with and you can just understand the concepts it's a lot of high-level stuff and you will not be able to understand lower-level concepts of programming but it's a good thing to be started with a lot of people will be confused if they just get into the complex stuff so I think Python is a good starting point that you can definitely take a look at.

When you go with Python you would then have to transfer into learning about TensorFlow or you can learn about SciPy you can learn about sciKit learn or some other popular machine learning library and that's basically how you start with machine learning.

Now if you're still confused about what language you should be taking that is totally fine I personally took Python and I just went with it afterwards I transferred into JavaScript. One thing to understand is that you can just with JavaScript or Python  basics of programming language don't really change much, Every programming language will have a function everyone will have a class most of them actually then you would obviously be having some variables you would have some constants you would have the basic concepts will always be there in all the languages.

You don't have to worry about what language you're starting with what's more important is what do you want to do with the language you already have. Let me know what is your goal what do you want to accomplish are you into web-development, are you into app development, are you into machine learning. or whatever question you might have you can ask me in the comment section as well.

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