Difference Between EE and EEE and ECE Branch in Details Explain

Difference Between EE and EEE Branch

Electronics is a very interesting subject right if you want to learn more about electronics you can opt for a course which trains you in electronic code, So there are two base courses in B. Tech one is ECE:- Electronic and communication engineering and EEE stand for Electronics and Electrical engineering even though you are interested in electronics you have to decide only one among them..

Difference Between EE and EEE and ECE Branch in Details Explain

About EE and EEE and ECE Branch

So what to choose ECE suits better for some of them while EEE for suits better for some. Confused to decide right. So I am writing this article by comparing these two courses based on some major aspects like job opportunities, syllabus etc... so can get full clarity.

Syllabus for ECE and EEE:-

If you look at the syllabus, The syllabus is same for all the branches of engineering in their 1st Year. In the 1st year of your B. Tech your syllabus includes like Engineering drawing, English, C-Language etc... irrespective of your branch, you must learn these basic subjects core subjects will be introduced in the 2nd year of your B.Tech.

EEE ( Electronics and Electrical Engineering)

EEE branch deals with electrical, technology and machines circuit analysis so this branch includes subjects like circuit analysis, electromagnetism control systems, transformers, motors, generators designing systems, electrical measurements.

ECE ( Electronic and communication engineering )

Whereas ECE branch consists of subjects like digital electronics, Micro-Processors, VLSI, Wireless and radio communication system. 

So, EEE course consists of completely core electronics BUT.

ECE has three conceptual studies.. Firstly you'll learn electronics which means electronics devices and circuits network analysis etc.. and secondly you'll learn communication which means signal transmissions you can learn how signals transmit from satellite to television phone signals and wireless and satellite communication etc.. And finally you will learn a part of computer science and learn programming so you may get a doubt that why programming is involved in ECE this is because ECE has a subject called digital electronics which is being used very often in these days. We can operate many electronic gadgets like TV, and washing machine by the phone itself and we are using different kinds of sensors which require programming to perform its specific task so that's why programming is involved in ECE.

So EEE is a course of core electronics where as ECE deals with electronics communication and part of computer science as well.

Working areas of EEE and ECE:-

(ECE) An Electronics and communication engineer can work in mobile manufacturing companies computer manufacturing companies software sector and IT sector.

An Electronics and electrical engineer can work in electricity both utility companies for installation and maintenance of power systems companies which manufacture and design or test electrical goods.

Top Recruiters of ECE are:-

Dell, Reliance, Texas, dmrc, motorola, isro, infosy, wipro, tcs, tech mahindra.

and Top Recruiters of EEE are:-

Bhel, Ind, microtex, simons adan, vipro tata, etc...

You'll have a lot of job opportunities for both the branches so you don't have any problems regarding the job, whichever branch you choose you'll definitely get a job with a good income if you work hard and study well but one thing to say if you have completed ECE. Then you can work in software or telecom industries or hardware but for EEE students they have to work on the core side but EEE students have much knowledge in the core when compared to ECE students so that they can get promoted to a great in their career. If you are interested in electronic score then choose EEE or if you also want to learn communication and if you are innovative and very interested in different gadgets then ECE may suit you better then choose ECE.

So don't worry about job opportunities or salaries give much importance to your interest but don't just blindly follow any bits of advice from others. Each branch has good support and equal opportunities so you can excel in your career if you follow your passion and your dream subject.

Electronics is a very interesting subject you may learn programming by taking some courses outside but you can't learn electronics in another way. So if you are interested don't miss this chance out take a wise decision choose a course which accelerates your career.

Difference between EE and EEE branch

EEE vs EE:-

EE stands for Electrical engineering:- Deals with electrical stuff like large scale power generation & Transmission. Electrical Equipment that operates above 12 volt of supply. 

EEE stands for Electronics and Electrical engineering:- Deals with equipment operates on voltages less than 12 volts. IT deals with device made of semiconductor like diode, Integrated circuit, transistor.. etc. 

Origin of EEE Branch:-

We can say EE was an older version and EEE is the modern version of same subject.

Both ( EE & EEE ) are core branch.

Eligibility in Jobs & Further preparation 

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