Business/Personal Profile Layout update by Facebook 2021 fb

New Facebook update for Layout and template design. 

Facebook is continuously making changes to better optimize the platform and this include several modifications to the Facebook page layout as the social network continues to add more features and improve the user experience, we'll continue to see tweaks and additions so it's important to stay on top of these changes in order to create proper visuals which will be best suited for your followers. 

Today's article I am sharing with you through the major Facebook page layout updates so that you can optimize your profiles as well as your content strategy to succeed so let's get right into it.

The first change we're going to be talking about pertains Facebook cover photos.

There are 4 different types of Facebook cover photos which includes:-

  • A Personal 
  • Business page 
  • An Event and 
  • A Group cover photos.

Although they are similar and help achieve a very similar goal they all have different layouts and should be designed differently to be best optimized for the social network make sure to follow the individual safe zones for each one.

Facebook Business vs Personal:-

A newer change in fakebook's layout can be found between the Facebook personal cover photo and the Facebook business page cover photo with the recent changes the Facebook profile picture has moved to the center of the Facebook personal cover photo while the profile picture remains on the left side of the Facebook business page so it's important to take this into consideration when designing a cover photo.

Facebook profile layout updates

personal vs business Facebook profile layout updates

Facebook Profile Pictures Changes:-

At one point Facebook used a square crop for profile pictures but with the new Facebook layout changes the profile pictures is now a circle and should now be designed and captured with this in mind. With a circle crop there are several ideas that you can use to create an amazing profile pictures. We've designed several templates that features various circular designs to make sure that you're getting the best possible quality when designing a Facebook profile picture so be  sure to check out our templates along with a article I've that shows you exactly how to design a strong profile.

Update To Facebook Profile Layout

In the last couple of years Facebook has made several changes to profile layouts and they have been experimenting with different ways to display information about your brand's page, one being the introduction of Facebook's our story however this has been recently removed and you should be displaying your brand's information in the about section another change to Facebook in general is the move from like to followers on your page, A minor change but it is now displayed on your profile. The ability to customize your call-to-actions is a nice change that Facebook has added in recent years not every business is the same and neither should the call to actions so you'll now be able to adjust the call to action that best suits what you're trying to get out of your Facebook pages.

Simplified Content Sharing:-

If you're looking to share a new piece of content to your personal Facebook profile or your business page there's now an easy one-click method to create a post a story a video chat a new Facebook page a new Facebook group an event a marketplace listing or even a fundraiser. This simplifies the process of navigation around Facebook since you can create everything you need with the click of a button on your business page you can create a live stream an event an offer a job listing or an add to your followers as well.

Instagram stories have been a hit ever since they were introduced to the platform and with the introduction of stories on Facebook you're now able to post the exact same story you used on Instagram directly to Facebook as well this allows for easy cross-platform integration you can design the stories for one platform and have them used across both.

New Facebook Navigation Tabs:

A big Change to the Facebook page layout revolves around the navigation tabs with the update the main tabs are now located at the top where you'll be able to search through your home news feed, the marketplace the Facebook gaming Facebook groups and Facebook watch which is just videos there's also the sidebar nav menu which goes into more specific category within a section. You'll also be able to save shortcuts and access insights and analytics from the sidebar.

Facebook Profile Intro and Layouts:-

A change more specific to your personal profile involves customizing the layout of your profile by personalizing your intro, this includes adding a bio adding your favorite hobbies and showcasing your favorite photos in your featured images this gives you the opportunity to showcase your top posts and pieces of content with the ability to edit tabs as well. Make your profile stand out from first glance by placing videos photos and posts exactly how you want visitors to see it.

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