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How Amazon ranking algorithm works

Hey everyone Akash is here and in this article I am going to cover how amazon's algorithm works to rank products or Result if you are selling on amazon or if you're interested in selling on amazon you have to know this once you know this it'll influence everything you do from how you create your listing to how you market your product it's that important if you don't know how or why products rank on amazon or what helps ranking you're at a severe disadvantage to all of your competition that do. I've been selling successfully on amazon for over five years and I still find a subject extremely interesting my goal is to take this advanced topic and break it down in a way that's to the point and easy to understand and I think you'll as beneficial and interesting as I.

So the 1st thing we need to go over is:-

what is amazon's ranking algorithm

The algorithm is the system which Amazon uses to decide how products are ranked in the search results. When talking about amazon search engine you often hear the term a9 or A9 algorithm is an abbreviation that come from Inc., A company that developed search engine and search advertising technology. Sometimes you'll also hear the term A10 algorithm and there's actually no official A10 algorithms kind of a made up term that some people have used to describe an update to amazon's search algorithm like you know some changes or updates that were made to it but there's no official A10 algorithm all right so now we got those definitions out of the way. Let's get into what determines ranking amazon system most likely has 100 or 1000 of data points it looks at when determining search results and these can be changed and updated so what I want to do is share with you some of the most important factors that aren't likely to change in the future if you ever heard of the 80/20 rule we're gonna focus on what is going to make the biggest impact so the first ranking factor we're going to get into here is sales now all these ranking factors are no particular order but I will say that sales is probably the most important one there's a lot of different aspects that go into it so let's get into those... 

rank your amazon shop listing using A9 algorithm

1. Sales History:- How many sales in a certain time frame. So it could be maybe within a day it could be withing a week it could be you know within a month a quarter a year these are all things that amazon is tracking so they know your overall sales history.

2. Sales Velocity:- This is the speed at which you're selling it so if you all of a sudden go from you know selling one unit an hour to 10 units an hour or you know 5 units a day to 20 units a day. That's a speed increase at which you're selling which is a signal to amazon that all of a sudden maybe your products is more relevant or more popular at that particular time.

3. Conversion Rate:- This is probably one of the most important ones we're gonna cover it is the percentage of people that order your product compared to the number of people that actually just visited your listing the more people that order your product I'll say that's a signal to amazon that your product is relevant so if people search a certain search term into amazon and find your product and buy it, Amazon can say okay this product is relevant for the search term and then increase the ranking for it. on the flip side a lot of people coming to your listing for a particular search term and not purchasing your products then that's obviously going to hurt your ranking because amazon's gonna say hey this product is probably not relevant for this and that goes for PPC search terms and organic search terms so even bad PPC traffic can sometimes have a negative effect on your listing and there's a lot of different factors that go into conversion rates so if could be your listing copy how you write your listing it could be your images that you use it could even be your reviews so sometimes people ask me hey do reviews influence ranking so I don't know if it influences directly like you get one more review does that increase your ranking is some way probably not at least not that I've seen in any significant way but it does influence your conversion rate so if you have bad reviews that are hurting your conversion rate also you're not going to rank as well on. 

The flip side if you have really good positive reviews or a high number of reviews that can also increase your conversion rate and increase your ranking so in that way reviews do help ranking so you always want to be keeping an eye on your conversion rate and see what you can do to your product or to your listing or to your traffic to build to increase your conversion rate the. 

Last one I want to cover here it's not an important but I wanted to mention it and that is:-

4. Profitability: Can play a part into ranking at least that's the way I interpret it so amazon of course they care about their bottom line they care about the revenue so if one product is making them more profit whether it's through referral fees, that can have a little bit of an effect or favoritism in ranking at least that's what I've seen.

What is A9 algorithm ?

1st:- A9 is the amazon algorithm that decides which search result are shown to the customer. So when someone comes onto Amazon and puts puts a products into the search for example if you're searching for Smartphones the A9 algorithm will decide which products to return and in which order to display those products.

2nd:- The algorithm focuses on 2 areas- Relevancy and Conversion.

So from a relevancy perspective what it will do is that based on the search term that the customer has entered these thousands of products from a selections of hundreds of millions are most relevant to this search term and then is the conversion so of those thousands of products that are relevant which ones will convert better which ones are most likely to lead to a sale and then based on that it will present a list of products sorted in what amazon believes is the best possible order to lead to a sale.

3rd:- Amazon only make money if a sales takes place.

4th:- The A9 algorithm looks at a large number of data points, all of which have the potential to impact these key performance indicators which are extremely important in determining the organic rank of your product. 

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