How To Download A Facebook Video To Computer | Easiest Way To Download Facebook Video

Watching Facebook videos has its own different fun, but if you like a video more and want to download it, then it seems a bit difficult, but a little trick You can download Facebook Video in a pinch.

  • Facebook Video is a very easy way to download on a computer.
  • Right-click on any Facebook video you want to download and
  • Right-click on it and click on Show video URL, you will see the video URL above, copy it from the keyboard.
  • Now the second step, paste this copied video URL into your Chrome browser.
  • After posting, type m in the video URL instead of www and enter
  • After this facebook mobile version will open on your desktop
  • Now right click on the video and click on Save Video as .. and wherever you want to save the video, you will be able to save this video in MP4 format.

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