What is Shared Web Hosting?

If you are planning to choose a hosting plan for your website, then you must have seen shared web hosting plans on different websites or many people have also suggested you a shared web hosting.
Shared web hosting is a very good option if you are planning to choose a hosting plan in a small budget, but before you can choose a shared web hosting it is very important to know about it because if you are going to choose just low budget and hosting.If you do not know about the rest of the advantages and disadvantages, your website or business may also be damaged because shared web hosting is not fit with the needs of everyone as well.

Shared Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting? 

Anyone who can access your website from the Internet has to host the files and databases of the website on a server on the Internet called the web hosting. This server which has your website files, database, and software host, is always connected to the internet and the user who uses the internet can access the web site from anywhere. When you host your site on the server, you get the lowest budget and popular option shared web hosting.

What is Shared Web Hosting?

This is the most popular and least expensive hosting service in web hosting. Shared hosting means that other websites are also hosted on the server where your website is hosted, and when a lot of web sites are hosted on one server, then all the resources of the website server such as memory, storage, CPU, bandwidth, etc. Shares to You have full access to your hosting account on which you can manage the account from the software of ftp or hosting provider.

Shared hosting plans cost less because there are many websites hosted at a single server and the cost of internet bandwidth with a server is shared between all the website owners. This is the best economical solution for a personal and small to medium size business which does not have great traffic and requires fewer resources. But if there is a traffic increase of the website then customers have VPS, the option of dedicated hosting is available which they can switch but they are more expensive than shared web hosting.

What is the Responsibility of a Website Owner and Hosting Company?

In a shared web hosting, the provider company is responsible for all types of server maintenance such as installing server software, security updates, technical support, software and hardware upgrade, etc.

Website owners are only responsible for the website. The website owner receives a control panel by which they can upload files to their site, traffic the web site, email setup and install applications.

Why Choose Shared Hosting?

Shared web hosting may not fit your needs, but shared hosting is still the most popular web hosting platform. This is the most affordable hosting option of all hosting plans. Most people, small-medium sized businesses whose website does not have much traffic, prefer to share hosting environment

Shared web hosting has some advantages that allow you to choose shared web hosting -

  1. Price - This is the most expensive hosting of all hosting plans, which has very little monthly fees. If you choose a half-yearly or yearly plan, you are offered more discount than monthly.
  2. Extendibility - All companies offer many plans and package in shared web hosting. You can choose the suitable package according to your requirement. The smallest package lets you allocate limited domain, lowest disk space, and bandwidth, but there are additional features like more disk space, more website, and bandwidth available in the good package. You can upgrade the package according to your need.
  3. Features - Due to high competition today, hosting providers are providing good features at low prices. These features will suit your needs like the one-click install of popular scripts which work to add functionality to your website.

Shared Web Hosting Disadvantages: 

  1. Shared web hosting Although many people are fit to require a lot of people, this may also be that shared environment is not fit for you, such as high traffic website, etc -
  2. Performance - If your site is hosted with a site whose traffic ever decreases unexpected, it also hits the performance of another website with your website.
  3. File Restrictions - All the websites hosted on the server have to depend on the web hosting company's guideline or software as it is a shared environment, due to the security of the hosting company, you can not install all kinds of script or software. It may be that the application you want to run is not able to run due to being restricted.
  4. Resource Restrictions - By the way, most companies claim unlimited resources, but if you notice well or see guideline, then it is not entirely correct. If your site is on shared hosting and becomes popular then your website may be down due to more traffic because resources are actually shared and limited. The reason behind the website down is not to get resources and bandwidth in the shared environment.
  5. If all the websites in the shared environment are of normal traffic then there may be an impact on your website's performance or work due to poor website creation or poor performance. It may be that there are no scripts and programs run on a website, which requires a word system resource if your website suffers. If a website is running SPAM script on shared hosting, then the security of your website is also in risk. When this happens your website becomes unreliable. The pages of the website will be slow or open, scripts and databases will not run properly and the entire server becomes unstable. In this case, the technician has to reboot the server so that all the websites hosted on the server are down for some time

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