How To Know Your WhatsApp Account Has Been Hacked And Tips To Prevent It

Whatsapp calls itself completely encrypted but it does not make it un-hackable. As the most used chat app, WhatsApp has all sorts of messages, including your personal, which you can not be comfortable sharing with others.

How To Know Your WhatsApp Account Has Been Hacked And Tips To Prevent It

So, what if your WhatsApp account is hacked? Although Whatsapp can be hacked to some extent, we do not have to tell you how bad hacking is for you. Once hacked, the hacker can keep an eye on you as you do online Whatsapp, your way of sleeping, your online activity and more.

Hackers can access your whitespace data through various means such as entering your number on the Web via WhatsApp or on any other device. Whatsapp can not work on two phones at the same time, but if hackers register your number on any other device, you can easily catch all your chats including personal.
Hackers can quickly scan your Whatsapp QR code and access your WhatsApp messages from anywhere in the world. However, for this, hackers need physical access to your phone to use the QR code.

To know whether your Whatsapp web is active on an unknown device, go to the three dots given at the top right corner of your WhatsApp app. Visit the Whatsapp web and see the list of all open sessions. This will allow you to see all the devices connected to your WhatsApp.

If you are seeing a message "This phone could not be verified", then it means that your Whatsapp is also accessed by an unknown device.

Third-party software is also available on the web, which hackers can use to sniff in your WhatsApp message.

Tips to prevent your WhatsApp getting hacked:

- Log out of all the computers you see in the list under the WhatSweep Web. This will prevent hackers from reading your chats further. However, this should be done every time you use the Whatsapp web.

- Do not leave your phone unattended when you are out.

- Lock all your apps to prevent unknown people from accessing your apps.

- Do not add your phone to unaware WiFi connection because hackers can also use UNIC MAC address to access all your WhatsApp Chat.

- If your WhatsApp has already been hacked, deactivate your account by emailing to If you do not access for 30 days, your account will be automatically deleted.

- Verification of step 2 under WhatsApp account settings. This will add an extra layer of security on the app.

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