Your Old Tweets May Lead To Your Firing From Work, Here Is How To Delete Controversial Ones

Tweet delete, tweet wipe and Twitter archive eraser are some tools that will help you to use their service for free.

They say public memory is short-lived, but it is not true for Netizens, who never forget a good scam that has surfaced online. Netizens, on the contrary, keeps a strong memory and can dig out a statement that you wrote on social media such as after the twitter years you may have forgotten all about it.

Your old tweets may lead to your firing from work, here is how to delete controversial ones

That good, bad or ugly, anything and everything can be used against you. If you occasionally use Twitter to express your happiness or perhaps your disappointment on an issue, then you can still be safe. But if you repeatedly use the micro-blogging platform to express your "resentment", you may have to reduce the habit a bit and not clean your extensive database, especially if you work Are looking for a job.

If you are wondering why we are giving such advice, the reason for this is very simple: to save you from getting rid of it.

At the beginning of this month, Disney was dug up by a group of tweeps after a series of offensive tweets shared between 2009 and 2012 by James Gunn, Director of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3. Gun responded to this incident, writing in the tweet, "In the past, I have apologized for my humor, who hurt people. I was really sorry and every word of my apology meant."

The bottom line is that the ghost of ghost has become a victim of guna and as a result, he lost his job. If you want to avoid similar situations at work, then we recommend that you take a long look at the mirror and think if you have ever made some aggressive tweets in the past which can take you out. If you have one, how can you fix it:

Download your archive: The point is to remove all your tweets and cover all your tracks, then why is a backup? Well, you do this as part of your security plan and if you feel indifferent enough to see the past again.

Here's what you need to do: Go to Settings> go to your Twitter data> go to download your Twitter data option and click the Request Data button next to the Twitter option.

Once you do this, Twitter will send you a zip file containing a complete collection of your Tweets, which is up to you.

Remove selected tweets: Not everybody talks about everything, and so it is possible that all your Twitter's resentment is centered on some topics and therefore it will also include some general keywords, hashtags, and even phrases.

You can use Twitter's in-house advanced search tool to find particularly irrelevant tweets and remove specific tweets, making your happy twitter memories unrecoverable.

Delete all your tweets: If you are not sure what tweet you have done in the past and a little help from keywords and phrases, you can also erase your entire tweets from the platform. However, Twitter does not give you the option of clearing your entire history. And so you need to use online services that will help you remove tweets from your account.

Tweet delete, twit wipe and Twitter archive eraser are some tools that will help you to use their service for free. But if you are looking for another subtle service, which includes filters for different tweets, you want to save or delete tweets by date or media type, and want to pay some extra bucks, you can You can opt for services like tweet eraser, which is $ 6.99 a month (about Rs 479) or a tweet dealer which costs $ 5.99 (about Rs 410) per month.

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