2500+ Emails And Counting? Here's How You Can Delete Them All In One Go On Gmail

Gmail Space Management can never be this easy

Gmail started the journey by giving 1GB of storage to its users in 2004. In 2005 it was doubled to 2GB and today it has increased to 15GB. However, users still have to struggle with location management in their Gmail box. reason? Unwanted emails and spam messages that come to our mailbox.

2500+ emails and counting? Here's how you can delete them all in one go on Gmail

It's hard to keep a tab on each mail that accesses your mailbox. Gmail also offers a purchase space solution that allows you to buy 100GB per month for less than 5USD. But if you are not in the mood to spend any money and want to make some space in your mailbox, then getting rid of those unwanted emails is an option.

Now, it is impossible to delete more than 50 emails at a time. This is because Gmail displays only 50 emails on one page and you can not choose more than this. So what if you have thousands of unread emails that you know are unimportant and spam. How do you remove them? Try these steps.

To delete all unread emails:

- Type: Unread in your Gmail's search bar.

- All unread emails will appear on your page.

- Select all. You will see that Gmail has only been chosen to delete 50 emails.

- Click "Select all conversations that match this search".

- Click the trash icon to delete the email. All your unread emails will be deleted from the inbox. When you delete an email, Gmail takes them to the trash where it is kept for 30 days and after that Gmail permanently deletes it.

To delete large files:

- Go to the Gmail search bar and type size: 25M (if you want to delete a 25M file)

-All 25M files will appear. Select and delete all or you can back up your important files and then delete them.

To delete old emails:

- type old_than: 3y

- All your old emails, including the emails and drafts you send, will be displayed. Select and Delete

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