Is Facebook False With Your Data? Here's how you can delete your Facebook account

Facebook is in the news again. And yet with accounts of many users of India for the wrong reasons, more than 50 million Facebook users' accounts have been hacked. Other 40 million users have probably been compromised in their accounts.

Facebook False

Overall, 90 million Facebook users have been affected by the latest security breach. The latest bad news from Facebook comes after many other events where Facebook users have influenced their data and privacy. Cambridge analytics, the contact information used for the targeted advertising, the phone number used for the ad profile, and so forth. The list is long. What is the solution? Your Facebook account may be deleted.

If this is really the solution to your brain, you can connect with thousands of other Facebook users who are thinking on the same lines. In the last few months, Twitter has often been trending #Deletefacebook on Twitter. But the question is how do you delete Facebook? Oddly, Facebook does not have a 'Delete Account' option in its settings menu. This allows you to deactivate the account. By deactivating the account you will temporarily withdraw from Facebook. After deactivation of the account, logging in to Facebook will return you to the social media platform.

  • Oddly, Facebook does not have a 'Delete Account' option in its settings menu.
  • The Facebook account is not immediately deleted.
  • If you log in to your account during the process, the removal request will be canceled.

In particular, disabling the account also does not remove your saved personal information from Facebook's archives. For that, you have to delete your Facebook account. It is also worth noting that once the Facebook account can not be deleted, as is the inactivity.

So, again question, how do you delete your Facebook account?

- As already mentioned, there is no accounting option for Facebook settings. To delete an account you will need to click on this link.

- Clicking on the link will appear on the permanently deleted account page.

Before deleting the account, you should first download all the information saved in Facebook Achievements, this is if you want to keep a copy of all the night-night party photos posted on the site, or all the good pictures of your children Receive very much like, and so on.

Facebook had earlier said that the archives contain other relevant information such as photos, active sessions, ads that you click on, IP addresses, and so on all relevant information.

Here's how to download a copy of your Facebook data:-

1. Go to the Settings menu.

2. Go to General Account Settings.

3. Click on "Download a copy of your Facebook data" at the bottom of the page.

4. Click Start My Archive Options.

- After downloading all your information, click the delete option at the bottom of the permanently deleted account page.

Once the process of deleting the Facebook account begins, you will not be able to activate your account again or get any content or information.

The Facebook account is not immediately deleted. The account takes approximately 90 days and all your Facebook information is completely deleted. If you log into your account during the process deletion, then the deletion request will be canceled and if you have to decide to re-delete your Facebook account, then you will have to request again for it. So basically, after you hit the delete account, you forget Facebook for at least 90 days. Do not log in with errors, otherwise, you will have to start the process again.

Also, make sure you delete the Facebook app from your phone before deleting your Facebook account.

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