Learn What To Do When The Smartphone Falls Into The Water

If Your Smartphone Falls In Water  Then Follow These Steps (Especially In Holi )

Holi is nearby and everybody wants to enjoy this festival fiercely. Holi likes to play with colours and water, but the biggest danger is that water can go to your smartphone.

Learn What To Do When The Smartphone Falls Into The Water
Learn What To Do When The Smartphone Falls Into The Water

Holi Nearby and everyone wants to enjoy the festivities of this festival. Holi likes to play with colours and water on Holi but the biggest danger is that water can go to your smartphone and spoil it. Although many waterproof smartphones are present in the market today, most of the smartphones are still not waterproof. Let us tell you what to do if your smartphone dries in the water ...

1. If your smartphone falls into the water or dries with water, then switch it off immediately. Using dull phones can be dangerous because the water can damage the phone's circuits and the smartphone can be permanently damaged.

2. After turning off the smartphone, wipe it with the clean and dry cloth and then wrap it in a paper tissue or kitchen towel so that it absorbs water in the phone. After this, immediately remove the SIM card and memory card from the phone and shake the phone from all sides so that the water inside it comes out.

3. After this, close the box to the box by placing your phone between rice and rice in a box filled with raw rice. Rice grains absorb all the moisture in the phone. After this, keep the phone in the rice container for 24-48 hours.

4. You can also open the back panel and dry it in the sun to dry the phone. In the sun, all the water in the phone is dried in a while. However, in doing so it should be noted that do not keep calling for too much sunlight in the long run as it can also melt its plastic component from heat.

5. As soon as the phone is on, back up its entire data as soon as possible. It is possible that some part of the phone has got a malfunction and they get spoiled over time, so the data in your phone will go forever.

Never Do These Things 

6. If your phone is drenched in water and it is in the Warranty period, then take it to the Authorized Service Station. However, you must keep in mind that it does not hide from the company that your phone is spoiled due to water droplets, as soon as the phone opens in the service centre, it is known that the phone is spoiled due to damping. If this happens the company will not warrant you.

7. Do not try to dry it with hairdryer whenever you are drenched in the water of the phone. The hairdryer's air is very hot and it can damage the electronic components of the phone. Also, do not leave any hot Evan or radiator pass to dry the phone.

8. Do not charge it after the phone is soaked because it can be a short circuit which can damage the device more. Also, do not try to add a sharp object to the phone, because if this happens then the water can go in and out of your phone and the components of the phone may get spoiled.

If you take care of the things mentioned above, you can correct it even after the call is over in Holi. Keep in mind, always keep electronic devices away from water because they get spoiled with water, but if ever they get wet, then take the steps mentioned above and enjoy Holi with anxiety. Happy Holi

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