How To Backup Your WhatsApp Chat On Google Drive

Whatsapp users can now back up all their data on Google Drive. This means that all of your chats and media can now be saved forever on the cloud. However, in order to use this feature, you must add your Whatsapp to your Google Account.

How to back up your WhatsApp Chat on Google Drive

Whatsapp gives you the option of backing up your data on Google, Weekly or Monthly. Backups should be preferred only on WiFi.

Why backup on Google Drive? This is a good idea for those who often change their phones. Once your data is saved on the Whatsapp data drive, you can sometimes recover in a few simple steps.

In August, Whatsapp announced that chats and data not updated on or before November 12 from Google Drive will be deleted. Now, this does not mean that if you are using it for more than a year then your existing phone's data will be removed. Only users who recently reinstalled the app or changed their phone will experience this data loss.

For those who still do not back up your WhatsApp data on Google Drive, follow these simple steps to do this. Note that there are two ways to back up data - automatic and manual

  • Whatsapp gives you the option of backing up your data on Google, Weekly or Monthly
  • Backups should be preferred only on WiFi

How To Update WhatsApp Data Automatically:-

Firstly, update your Whatsapp to the latest version.

- Make sure you have Google Drive activated on your phone.

- Open WhatsApp and go to the menu.

-- go to Settings

- Select Chat

- Choose Next Chat Backup

- Go back to Google Drive

- Never select Backup Frequency instead

- Choose a Google Account from which you will revert your chat history

- Your data will be automatically updated according to the frequency you choose.
How to update Whatsapp data manually:

Go to Menu> Settings> Chat> Chat backup, tap Back to start your Google Drive backup.

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