How to Prepare Home Theater? Understand in 5 Steps

How To Set Up a Home Theatre

Are you fond of watching movies and want to get the theatre experience at home? There are also some people who want to make home theatre in their home, which can affect the family and friends of the family. Actually...

How To Set Up a Home Theatre
Home Theater

Are you fond of watching movies and want to get the theatre experience at home? There are also some people who want to make home theatre in their home, which can affect the family and friends of the family. Actually, apart from the expense, there are some tasks which we think are turning away from the reality of Home Theater's reality. We are going to tell you how to make a home theatre in five steps. Just start with it, it's not difficult at all.

Step 1- For your room home theatre, first you have to choose the right place for it. Home theatre can take a lot of space, in this case, you will need a big room for a better experience. Well, the first choice of people is part of the basement or ladder. This area is usually larger and does not bother with the light voice reaching in other parts of the house.

Step 2- The projector and the screen is to install the second step projector. The best way in most cases is to buy projectors that fit in sealing and cabling via sealing. Once the projector is fit, the next job is to select the projection surface. Some companies also make 'projector screen paint' specifically designed for the wall. This gives a better experience of the projector screen.

You can take the projector screen and put it on the wall. This option can also be temporary in a way because if you are not in use you can roll the projector screen. When it comes to the screen, money has to be spent according to its size and style.

Step 3- The sound Now if the sound is not superb, then what is the home theatre? If your sealing is incomplete then this task will be a little easier. If completed, then cabling work can be challenging. For better sound you can do some such settings projector
  • can keep two large floor speakers according to the screen. 
  • 4 ceiling speakers - 2 in the side of the screen and 2 behind the seating area. 
  • Can use a subwoofer. 

Now you have to connect with the Central Audio / Video Receiver via ceiling or walls. Prices of Home Theater start at Rs 50,000 and are in lakhs. Well, in the name of the home theatre, small speakers are being sold for Rs 5,000. In such a situation, we must understand that if we want to create a home theatre like a cinema hall then the sound quality must be the same. Many brands of speakers are present in the market for this.

Step 4- This step is completely technical. Sound and projector have been set up, then you need a system to play your content. Your player and media box will be in place of your AV receiver. The media box is a computer that you want to play video or music. Nowadays, pre-built computers have also come in the market. Now all these video devices must connect to the AV receiver (from which one HDMI out cable will play the video on the projector). One thing should be taken into account and that the internet connection is strong because buffering can cause bad fun.

Step 5- Sitting Arrangement This last option is entirely up to you. Some people can buy seats for a movie theatre so that they can get favour. However, there will be some people who can work from a comfortable chair. For this, you can go to malls or shops and prepare to sit according to family members.

Home theatre is the corner of your home where you watch streaming videos, movies, matches etc. and spend a great time with your friends and family. If you do not want to spend too much for the first time, then no matter, you can upgrade later.

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