NASA's new record: Parker Solar probe near the Sun

NASA's new record: Parker Solar probe near the Sun

Washington: NASA's spacecraft record has created the spacecraft because the nearest to the Sun. NASA has sent these rackets to the world to tell the world the secret of the hidden in the sun.

NASA's new record: Parker Solar probe near the Sun
NASA's new record: Parker Solar probe near the Sun

 This space Craft Name Parker solar Probe. this is a robotic spacecraft. spacecraft traveling to the Sun is named after the German American Helios 2 artificial satellite. it was nearer to the Sun in April 1976. That's 26.55 million to the sun. However, the record was recovered by Parker star Probe aircraft.

Parker star Probe at fifteen million miles by November 2 Parker solar probe continues until the sun's external environment reaches. Next week, the spacecraft will reach about fifteen million miles of sunlight. NASA scientists have revealed that in the next seven years the sun will reach twenty-four times. it's likely to be 3.8 million miles away from the Sun.

Astronomer Eugene Parker named NASA for spacecraft 

The famous astronomer Eugene Parker was named when Parker solar probe spacecraft, which went to NASA for the first time in the Sun. He was there and watched live in the wake of this racket in August this year. currently, he's ninety-one years old. In 1958, NASA launched attempts to send the racquet near to the sun to let the world understand the hidden things in the Sun. however, it's still fulfilled.

Spacecraft design to withstand high temperatures

 That technology didn't cooperate with that. The probe ought to have the power to face up to gases from the moon when the sun is gone. Moreover, the rocket has to be transformed according to the changes in the environment. Then possible but all of the things are currently possible with technology. Scientists designed the rocket to withstand any heat. Parker solar probe was merely 1500 miles away from Fridays early this month.

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