Which is good after BE complete GATE or IES (ESE) ? | GATE vs IES ESE

Which is good after BE complete GATE or IES (ESE)?

Hello guys, I am Siddharth and I try to remove your confusion about it.

Which is good after BE complete GATE or IES (ESE)
Which is good after BE complete GATE or IES (ESE) 

Then comes on a topic which is good for BE complete student GATE or IES (ESE).
My opinion, if you want Purely Govt Job then you will choose IES because it gives class 1 officer in Indian railways, defence, etc.

Then if you want to goes on autonomous Or Semi Govt Jobs (PSUs) then Goes to GATE because it gives an autonomous job as an Engineer in Indian oil corporation limited, etc.
      And Gate also gives an opportunity to study higher education like Mtech, etc in IITs and NITs.
In many Cases Student preffed Gate because after the gate, student have more knowledge then BE candidate and it has a  tendency to crack exam earlier then BE candidates.

But after Gate student age is gradually gone then it has less time to prepare for an exam and it has a headache of a job also because its age increases.

And When BE candidate Prepare for IES then It has enough Time for preparation.
Now comes on its Package per annum
Are you excited?


  • Gate Candidate which will choose PSU jobs then its package is 8- 10 lakhs/year.
  • Gate Candidate which will choose Mtech in IITs then its packages decided according to their performance on campus,
  • Its package is 10 - 35 lakhs/year.
  • Gates candidate which will choose Mitch in NITs then its package also decided according to their performance on campus.
  • Its package is 5 - 18 lakhs/year.
 "Mtech package increase or decrease as student performance and company packages, and packages not remain same every year it will change every year."

Now Comes in our reputed Govt Job

IES (ESE):- 
  • It is a reputed job and purely govt jobs.
  • Its packages are not more but it income is average.
  • Its package is 6 - 10 lakhs/year with many facilities of medical, train or plane passes, etc.
  • In this you will get respect to everyone, it is a dream job for every engineer which required power with reputation.
  • If you want more money then goes with Gate and if want more respect then goes with IES (ESE).
  • I wish this article is useful for you.

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