Difference between EE and EEE branch | Which is Better Electrical Engineering or Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Difference between EE and EEE branch and which is better Electrical Engineering or Electrical & Electronics Engineering 

Hello Friends, I am Siddharth and I explain something about ee and eee branch and which one is better.

That above branch is an electrical related or based branch.

Difference between EE and EEE branch
Difference between EE and EEE branch

In EE branch we study all about electrical Engg. and this is the core branch, therefore, it has highly scope in govt. jobs. In this branch, we only study about electrical and some knowledge of electronics. This is old and core branch.

In EEE branch we study about electrical including electronics subjects. In this branch 70% is electrical and 30% is electronics. This advanced form of electrical engg  (ee).
The subjects of ee and eee branch are approx. same but some subject are different.
And those differ subject is approx the same because in ee, electronics is less and the electrical portion is high and in eee, electronics subject is high and electrical is less compare ee branch.

Both branches are advantages and disadvantages 
In ee, it has highly scope in govt. jobs because it is the core branch and old so. But you want highly package campus then this is not suitable as comparing Eee because Eee is advance therefore mainly companies are taking eee students with high package example ee student got 10 lakhs and eee got 13-14 lakhs pa.

In eee, as you know it contains high package but it has a problem in govt jobs 

In some govt job, eee students are not allowed. But now supreme court order, eee is equivalent to ee but in some state, there are many problems between it. It takes time to solve it. But eee students have opportunities for applying for govt jobs in both electrical and electronics posts.
This is the main advantages of the eee branch.

But are you study for civil services like IAS,  as the syllabus of it is totally from ee branch then ee students are not studying a different subject from its syllabus. But eee students got some problem in it. Some colleges are opening eee branch and because ee branch labs are costly. Therefore many private colleges opening eee branch.

And Some collages opening both ee branch with eee branch for student interests. And some colleges closing eee branch and opening ee branch but these colleges are few in our country.

 Are you asking me you say all about ee and eee branch then who is better?

In my opinion, you choose those branch in which you have an interest. And second, choose those branch where are you want to go like an in govt jobs or in private jobs like campus

Are you want to go to govt jobs as an electrical engg then I will prefer you choose ee branch but you want the campus with highly package then choose eee branch. Are you want to go or study for civil services like IAS and is (ese) and gate exam in electrical engg then, in my opinion, you choose ee branch because in gate and civil services exam syllabus comes from ee branch.

I hope the above knowledge is useful for you. Any douts are comes then you will ask me . I will try to solve you're doubt and you want to know many things see my blog every day.

Thank You.!!!


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